Supporting the Community

As one of Asia’s leading gaming and entertainment corporations, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG” or “the Group”) recognizes that sustainable businesses are established on the foundations of integrity, quality and people development. To this end, GEG takes proactive steps to ensure full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, deliver “World Class, Asian Heart” products and services to its guests, and develop relationships to support and grow with its team members and business partners and uphold its quality and professionalism.

GEG considers corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) as one of the key defining features of how it shapes its future. The Group is committed to supporting and participating in a wide range of social, philanthropic and volunteering activities, and contributing to environmental sustainability. GEG continually explores new and eco-friendly ways to build and develop its projects, monitor and adjust its waste management systems and invest in energy and water saving initiatives.



GEG is fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the Macau Special Administrative Region (“SAR”) Government and the statutory requirements as set out by the Hong Kong SAR Government. In particular, the Group is committed to implementing strict standards in areas concerning anti-corruption and anti-money laundering practices, imposing these on its officers and employees, partners and all independent third parties who work on GEG’s behalf, and undertake due diligence on business partners working with GEG. Furthermore, GEG has in place anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies and standards of practice that facilitate the close monitoring of the compliance with applicable rules and actively encourages all its team members to report any non-compliance and suspected non-compliance in accordance with the Group’s standard operating procedures. In addition, GEG makes every effort to train, educate and bring up-to-date its team members to fully execute its internal policies and standard of practice.



GEG considers team members as its biggest asset. Viewing team members as the very foundation of its achievements, the Group supports and empowers its team members to fulfill the needs of its guests and deliver its exceptional “game day” experience.

1. Diversity of Team Members

GEG values diversity when hiring team members, including different genders, ages, qualifications and experiences.

2. Talent Management

Organization Development and Training initiatives engage and support the promotion and delivery of the Group’s Mission, Vision and core values. Our team members receive our full support in their development as this is a differentiating factor that attracts, retains and prepares our team members for great personal and organizational success.

To support the Group’s continued success, Organization Development and Training has built and delivered in collaboration with the business units the following key initiatives in 2015.

Organizational Development and Training Programs establish direction for the Group with respect to the strategic and tactical investment in the utilization of our human resource capital including:

The Group’s world class Leaders Program series is a tailor-made program for the leaders and is closely linked to practical and contextualized learning. This program was recognized as an award winner for Leadership Development at the Human Resource and Innovation awards covering the Asia region.

development program  
GEG training programs provide team members the opportunity to learn in a structured and supported way on and off the job whilst providing them with promotional and career development possibilities  

3. Working Environment

GEG is dedicated to building a strong employer brand – one that attracts and retains people. GEG achieved three goals in 2015 to enable this philosophy:



GEG provides all new team members with Orientation Program to communicate its Mission, Vision and Values, and guest service standards. A work buddy system is in place to support new team members, and feedback on performance is immediately provided. Furthermore, the Group tactfully provides a number of different channels for its guests to provide their feedback:


GEG works diligently to promote responsible business practices across its supply chain. Supporting Macau SAR Government to foster new industries and accelerate the process of Macau’s economic diversification, GEG supports Macau’s SMEs and local enterprises proactively by:

GEG works closely with all its suppliers in selecting products and services that meets its operational need, creates minimal adverse impacts on the environment, and possesses the quality assurance that meets or exceeds all relevant legal obligations and codes of practice.


1. Responsible Gaming

GEG employs industry best practices and benchmarks international standards to achieve its responsible gaming objectives. The Group continues to work closely with different authorities to develop a wide range of initiatives in 2015, including:

Gabinete Coordenador Dos Serviços Sociais Sheng Kung Hui Macau and GEG joined hands to hold responsible gaming roadshows under the theme of “How to help someone with gambling problems”  

2. Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation

To reinforce GEG’s commitment to being a socially responsible organization, the Group established the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation (“the Foundation”) in April 2015. The Foundation advocates in giving back to the community in Macau and the Greater China Region through engaging in philanthropic activities, in particular with nurturing young people in developing their positive moral and life values, as well as enhancing their education and employment opportunities so as to enable them to contribute to the community they live in.

GEG’s commitment to building a strong relationship with its team members, guests, business partners and local communities enables the Group to meet its objectives and, at the same time, support and contribute to Macau’s economy. Looking ahead, the Foundation will continue to inspire positive changes to the communities through the projects it will initiate.

3. Contribution to Community

Following the philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, GEG contributes to the community by sponsoring a variety of local charities and fundraising activities, launching its own initiatives that focus on the specific areas of youth development, sports, promoting social harmony and establishing Macau as a World Center of Tourism & Leisure.

Rooted in Macau, GEG also contributes to the local community by encouraging its team members to join and take part in volunteering activities. Established in 2011, the GEG Volunteer Team has thus far, reached out to over 120 different nonprofits and contributed over 6,500 hours in community services. During the year, the GEG Volunteer Team organized over 20 volunteering activities of which GEG volunteers took part in contributing close to 930 hours to 41 charitable associations.


Mr. Francis Lui, Deputy Chairman of GEG (third right) presented the Group’s donations to representatives from Macau Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society


GEG celebrated the Chinese New Year by offering complimentary haircuts to elderly members of Macau Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society


4. Charitable Activities
GEG is dedicated to giving back to the community by offering support to Macau’s different charity groups. Key beneficiariesinclude (in alphabetical order):


GEG Volunteers and Clean the World representatives held a soap recycling activity at the General Education Center of the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau


GEG invited the world-renowned illusionist Cyril to have his first-ever public performance in the Broadway Theatre. Members from Macau Deaf Association and Macau Association for the Mentally Handicapped were offered a chance to meet the illusionist up close and personal


5. Sports Development
Aiming to promote the international image of Macau, GEG works closely with the Macau SAR Government and the local community on enhancing the attractiveness, scale and quality of Macau’s sports and community activities. Key initiatives in 2015 include:


Mr. Francis Lui, Deputy Chairman of GEG, Mr. Alexis Tam Chon Weng, Secretary of Social Affairs and Culture and Mr. Ma Iao Hang, President of Macau Athletic Association (front left to right)presented awards to the first ten male athletes of Full Marathon


GEG Dragon Boat men’s team fiercely rowed their boat to the frontline of the race


6. Education and Culture
GEG supports the Macau SAR Government’s policies on talent cultivation. Collaborating with many educational, arts and cultural associations and institutes on developing different programs aimed at assisting young people to build a more solid foundation for their future careers, in 2015, GEG:


Mr. Francis Lui, Deputy Chairman of GEG, Mr. Hong Bo, Director of the Department of Culture and Education, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR, Ms. Teng Nga Kan, Deputy Director of Macau Labor Affairs Bureau, Mr. Kong Chi Meng, Head of the Division of Pre-School and Primary Education of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and Mr. Chui Sai Cheong, President of MMA (left to right) officiated the launch of the “5th GEG Youth Achievement Program”